How to lose 10 pounds fast without harming your health

While there is a positive trend in the body right now and you do not have to worry about being overweight, many girls still dream of looking worse than Victoria's Secret models. But sometimes losing weight is not so easy and if we are talking about 10 kilograms, then parting with them is almost impossible. We learned from experts how to lose weight fast and without harm to health.

Measuring a girl's waist


Weight loss is almost impossible without changing the diet, as it is necessary not only to reduce fat mass, but also to remove excess fluid without losing muscle tissue.

Head of Consulting and Diagnostic Department, Nutritionist, General Practitioner, Meyer Therapist, Reflexologist:

  • To find out how much and what you have extra (fat or fluid), determine your body composition using the bioimpedation method. Talk to your doctor and rule out health problems that may prevent you from losing weight.

You should not take strict diets, in general, any diet: it is stressful for the body. A properly balanced nutrition system should become a practical lifestyle! It costs:

  • Limit salt intake to no more than 5 g per day (do not salt food and do not eat foods containing hidden salt: cheese, processed meat, canned food, salted food);
  • Limit simple carbohydrate foods as much as possible - sugar, honey. Remember that one molecule of glucose is converted into two molecules of fat;
  • A girl who prepares a vegetable dish for weight loss
  • Exclude alcohol. This is a very caloric product. For example, 1 gram of alcohol gives the body 7 kcal! (For comparison: 1 g of fat - 9 kcal);
  • Limit the use of fruit juices as much as possible - both freshly squeezed and industrial production. They contain a lot of sugar and at least healthy fiber. It is desirable to give preference to vegetable juices, fruit juices, low in fructose (papaya, mango, honey melon, tangerine).
Girl with dishes sitting at the table

What to include in the diet

A special place in the diet for weight loss should be given to foods with high fiber content. Fiber is practically not absorbed by the body, reduces appetite, removes toxins and toxins from the body, prolongs the feeling of saturation, slows down the process of digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The daily norm for an adult is 30-40 g.

Do not forget about vegetable smoothie, which is not only low in calories but also contains healthy fiber. For best effect, you can replace one meal with them.

The main thing in the diet should be protein foods, because the body spends a lot of energy and calories to process them. Foods high in protein - egg whites, chicken breast, lean fish, cottage cheese, soy, beans, rice, nuts. At the same time, it is very important to properly combine protein products with other foods. It is better to eat meat and fish with vegetables and herbs, and not potatoes, you can not drink fruit juice, which can lead to reduced protein absorption, intestinal breakdown processes and fermentation.


Expert Methodologist and Coordinator of the group programs of the Federal Network of Fitness Clubs:

With proper nutrition and regular exercise, you can lose 10 pounds in just two months. Considering the exercise process, it should be noted that ideally, this should be done in stages: first, a week (3-4 exercises) should be devoted to strength and functional exercise to activate the muscular system in order to deliver the right biomechanics. Do exercises that make them effective (sitting, lounges, planks, push-ups, working the abdominal muscles).

The dumbbell girl is doing weight loss exercises

This will be followed by a period of major work for a given purpose. Within a month, you should increase the frequency of exercise to 4-5 a week and do 2 exercises at intervals whose intensity should be very high. This is achieved by working on your own body weight or with a small load. Most of the exercises are performed at a fast pace, with the addition of athletic cardio exercises (jump-n-jack, army plank or burp, jumping on poles, etc. ).

The essence of this training involves short-term functional orientation of the heart, strength and maximum efficiency, and a brief recovery between these sets (also 30-60 seconds). Exercises can last 20-40 minutes and as a result of these exercises another two hours of adipose tissue will be effectively expended.

But at the same time, no matter how active and regular the training process is, you should not expect results without rationalizing nutrition because nutrition is 70 percent of success.