Useful tips for those who want to lose weight in a week at home

Every woman has at least once thought about how to lose weight in a week at home, whether it is real. By following four rules, it is easy to achieve the desired result, to get rid of extra pounds:

  • ეროBelieve in yourself.
  • Diet.
  • Physical exercises.
  • Cosmetic procedures.

I will succeed

Before you start losing weight, you need to believe in yourself. Believing that everything will work out is the key to success. Set clear goals, find motivational reason. Stand in front of the mirror and say:"I'm strong. I will achieve everything. I want it. "

Make a photo collage of the costumes you dream of but do not have the means for due to excess weight, ideal female figures, your own photos when you were thin. Place a photo of your current self in the center of the screen. On another sheetWrite the weight in clear, large numbersWhich you are aiming for. Hang these pictures in a place where you will see them often.

DIY photo collage as a motivation to lose weight in one week

Realistically evaluate your strengths, do not set unrealistic goals. It is impossible to lose 15 kg immediately per week.

Nutrition adjustment

Before you start exercising, you need to adjust your diet.

  1. We refuse sweets, flour, fried, baked.
  2. The caloric content of food consumed per day does not exceed 1600 kC.
  3. Drink at least two liters of carbonated drinking water a day.
  4. Last meal at least 3 hours before bedtime.
When deciding to lose weight in a week, you need to change your diet

These four rules apply to anyone who decides to lose weight. Depending on how many pounds you want to lose, you need to follow a specific diet. We decided to drop 2kg or 3kg per month, then we could limit ourselves to adjustments. If you need to lose more weight, you will need to follow a special diet:

First day:

  1. 60 gr. Boiled, baked fish;
  2. One soft-boiled egg 100 gr. Curd;
  3. One baked apple.

Second day:

  1. 60 gr. Cooked veal;
  2. 200 ml of kefir;
  3. 10 gr. Raw carrots;
  4. One baked apple.
Baked apples in the diet for weight loss for a week

ᲛThird day:

  1. 0, 2 kg. Fish;
  2. 0, 2 kg. Brown rice;
  3. One tomato;
  4. One baked apple.

Fourth day:

  1. 60 gr. boiled chicken;
  2. 200 ml of kefir;
  3. One fresh cucumber.

Fifth day:

  1. 60 gr. cow meat;
  2. 0, 2 kg. Buckwheat;
  3. Baked apples.

Sixth day:

  1. 200 ml of vegetable broth;
  2. boiled egg;
  3. 10 gr. Carrots.

Seventh day:

  1. 60 gr. Boiled, baked fish;
  2. One soft-boiled egg;
  3. 100 gr. Curd;
  4. One baked apple.
The weekly menu for weight loss includes baked fish

Drink ginger water throughout the week. By following this diet you can lose 5 kg in one week.

Weight loss with fitness

You need to warm up before doing fitness. This light ten-minute complex will help stretch the joints, warming the muscles.


  1. Rotate your head clockwise (9 times), then counterclockwise (9).
  2. Place your hands on the chest line, roll the circle with your fists clenched, with 9 repetitions each.
  3. Raise your hands to the sides, make circular movements with the elbow joints forward (back), nine turns.
  4. Perform nine full circular motions with your hands forward, the same number backwards.
  5. Draw a circle with the thighs, nine repetitions to the right, as many repetitions to the left.
  6. Take the leg bent at the knee in the direction of the wall, make 9 turns of the thigh joint forward, followed by the same number of back.
  7. Without changing the position of the foot, roll nine times at the knee joint, in different directions.
  8. Rotate clockwise (counterclockwise) nine rotational movements of the foot.
  9. Repeat the last three exercises for the opposite leg.
  10. Jump on the ground with 30 repetitions, can be replaced by jogging.
  11. Start exercising on an empty stomach. You can eat no earlier than two hours after exercise.
Keep warm at home for weight loss

First day

  • Heating complex.
  • Make a straight back, place your feet along the shoulder line, raise your arms, clenched into a fist, bring your shoulders down. Bend your fists with all your might, stretching your elbows to the sides. The duration of the performance is twenty seconds. Repeat four times.
  • Straighten your back, place your feet at your shoulders. Take your hands back, palms up. The duration of the performance is twenty seconds. Repeat four times.
  • Do straight backs, place your feet at your shoulders. Extend your arms up and to the right. The duration of the exercise is twenty seconds, four repetitions (right, left).
  • The back is straight, place the legs at the shoulders. Raise your right hand up, lower your left hand down. The duration of the performance is twenty seconds. Repeat four times.
  • Place your feet together with your back straight. Take your hands back, palms up. Bend parallel to the floor, arms outstretched. Bend, touch the floor with your fingers, fix the incline for ten seconds. Straighten slowly. Four repetitions.
  • Spread your legs wide, spread your toes. Sit, the hip line should be parallel to the floor. Spread your hands on the sides, palms up. Do the sit-down for twenty seconds. The number of repetitions is four.
  • Walk on the wall at arm's length. Lean your hands against the wall, perform twenty push-ups, elbows parallel to the wall.
Slim body by adjusting fitness and diet

The second day of training

Swimming, you can change the bath.

Third day of training

  1. ᲒClosing.
  2. Lie on the carpet, clench your fingers in the castle, on its parietal part, bend your knees. Lift your head, tense your abdominal muscles, do not cover your ears with your elbows. The fist can be placed between the chin and the chest. Lower yourself to count to twelve. Fifteen repetitions.
  3. Press your back against the carpet, hands on the sides, legs bent at the knees, lift them parallel to the floor. Tighten your muscles, try to reach the elbows to the chest, lower the pelvis by five numbers. Fifteen sets.
  4. Press your back against the carpet, hands behind your back, legs bent at the knees, lift them parallel to the floor. Reach the chin to the raised knees, count to five, lower the head. Perform fifteen repetitions.
  5. Press the back of the mat, extending the elbow bent hand to the opposite knee. Perform fifteen inclines on each leg.
  6. Press the back of the carpet, attaching your hands to the back of the lock. Raise your elbows bent parallel to the floor. Straighten the right leg, stretch the right elbow to the left knee. Return to starting position. Repeat everything with the left foot. Do fifteen repetitions.
  7. Focus on lying down. Lift your torso, leaning on your fingers. The back forms a tight, straight line along the spine. Stay in this position for twenty seconds. Break for five seconds, repeat for another.

The fourth day

Jogging in the fresh air for half an hour. If it is difficult, you can replace it with an hour of brisk walking.

Jogging in the fresh air, promotes the weight loss process in a week

Fifth day

  1. ᲒClosing.
  2. Grasp any support, spread your legs shoulder-width apart. Raise your right foot ten inches towards you. Pause for thirty seconds. Repeat the four raises with both feet.
  3. Pick up the support with your hands, feet hip-width apart. With the right leg diagonal, lift it five inches as high as possible, pulling the toe towards you. Wait for twenty seconds. Repeat the four rises with the second leg.
  4. Get down on the carpet with your knees, close your heels, raise your straight hands to the chest line. Take a straight back, try to stand like that for twenty seconds. The number of repetitions is four.
  5. Sit down, bend your legs, bend your knees, put your hands on the floor behind your buttocks, head up to the ceiling. Perform four repetitions of eighty seconds.
  6. Press the back of the mat, bend the knees, arms along the body, feet shoulder-width apart, socks directed inward. Lift your buttocks as high as possible. Freeze on top for thirty seconds. Repeat four times.
  7. Press the back of the mat, bend the left leg, put the right straight, you can keep this leg slightly bent. Close the toes under the right thigh, bring the right leg to the chest. The head and lower back do not come off the floor. Wait for twenty seconds. Repeat everything with the second leg. Do 4 repetitions.

Sixth day


Seventh day

Do the exercise. You can walk for two hours at a fast pace.

Busy with this complex you will lose4 kg per week.

Skin care

When you lose more than 3 kg per week, the skin can become darkened and lethargic. Therefore, in addition to exercise and diet, you can use cosmetic procedures:

  • Daily use of fat-burning, moisturizing, nourishing creams;
  • Use a peeling while taking a shower, you can change the massage glove;
  • Take a contrast shower in the morning;
  • Massage of problem areas;
  • Twice a week after exercise, wrap your body in a special cream.
Girls with a beautiful figure after a week of weight loss